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NBN Upload

6 Feb 2019
- ABReC's latest NBN upload has now gone live.  We have passed the 6-figure mark for the first time, with 106,069 records.  See https://registry.nbnatlas.org/public/show/dp59

Many thanks to all who have contributed to this humongous total.  When we began, Argyll had a near-blank on the map for many species that were shown as common all over the rest of Britain.  This situation has changed dramatically and a lof of these species are now shown to be as common in Argyll as anywhere else.  Many other less common species, formerly missing compleletely from the Argyll map, are now shown to have a presence here.

We are still at the beginning.  Whole groups of species, particularly among the invertebrates, are barely represented.  Our Diptera records are mostly of hoverflies or of species that can be identified from their laval galls or leaf-mines.  Our Hymenoptera records are almost confined to Bumblebees, Social Wasps, Ants and, once again, species with identifiable larval galls or mines.

Spider records are very few and confined to a handful of species.  Freshwater fish records are virtually non-existent.  Anyone with an interest in the natural world can contribute valuable records.  Why not adopt an under-recorded group and see how long it takes you to learn to recognise one or two of its more distinctive species and begin recording them?  A very rewarding and absorbing task that gets you out into the wild, helps the environment and adds to our knowledge of the natural world.  We can help with training, books and equipment.


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