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Data Searches

Our data can be freely downloaded from the NBN Atlas for commercial or non-commercial use, provided that ABReC is acknowledged as the data source (CC-BY licence).  For a fee, we can produce reports listing all the records we have from a specified search area together with their conservation designations.  This is a popular service with environmental consultants conducting work related to planning proposals.
  Please send your enquiry to data@lnhg.org.uk

Our coverage of some parts of Argyll is very inadequate at present, although we are working hard to improve this.  If you ask us for a data search for an area that we do not have good coverage of, we will inform you of this fact before proceeding.


Clavulinopsis fusiformis

Golden Spindles (Clavuilnopsis fusiformis), a fungus of unimproved grasslands, a habitat declining across Europe but still common in Argyll.  Photo Sallie Jack.