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Submit a Record

How to send in records

Individual sightings can be sent in using the form below, or email records@abrec.org.uk with the details if you prefer.  If you are not sure of the identity of your species, please send a photo to records@abrec.org.uk, or put one on the ABReC Facebook page.

Bulk records can be listed in a spreadsheet, Word document or any other format, and sent to records@abrec.org.uk

If you keep your records in Mapmate, they can be sync'd to us directly.  Our CUK (Centre Unique Key) is 6v5.

We do not recommend submitting your records via iRecord as this restricts your rights over your data.  If you submit your records directly to ABReC you retain full rights to your record.

Before sending in records please read the ABReC data access policy and make sure you are happy with its terms and conditions.


Form for submitting individual records

Date of sighting 
Grid reference 
Name of finder 
Your name (if different) 
Email (not needed if we already know it!) 
Any other details, e.g habitat, behaviour,
quantity, etc.


By filling in this form you agree that the information contained in this form may be collated and disseminated manually or electronically for environmental decision-making, education, research and other public benefit uses in accordance with the ABReC data access policy.  Your email address will not form part of the record and will not be passed on to anyone.

Please send bulk records (and individual records if you don't wish to use the above form) to records@abrec.org.uk  

Halyzia 16-guttata

 Orange Ladybirds (Halyzia 16-guttata) hibernating in burr on beech tree, Dunollie.  Photo Carl Farmer