West Highland Flora


Euphrasia officinalis agg

Taxonomic note: Consists of a large number of microspecies and their hybrids, which are not treated separately here.  The only British Isles Euphrasia species outside the taxa here aggregated together is E salisburgensis, which does not occur in our area.

Euphrasia officinalis

Photo Carl Farmer
3 Aug 2002 Portree, Skye

Common in a variety of habitats, including moorland, mountains, rock ledges, sea cliffs, roadsides, grassland and sea shore.

Flower c 4-8 mm across.  Plants small, usually well under 20 cm high.

ID: Upper lip of flower with two upward-curving well-notched lobes.  Lower lip divided into three well-notched lobes.  Flower whitish or mauvish with yellow or orange blotch in centre of lower lip, and purple lines.

Other features: Flowers in leafy spikes.  Leaves roughly oval in shape, deeply toothed.  An annual, semi-parasitic plant, very variable but easily recognised.

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