West Highland Flora


Hyacinthoides non-scripta

Older name: Endymion non-scriptus

Endymion non-scriptus

Photo Carl Farmer
25 May 2002 Portree, Skye

Common in woods, forestry clearings, on roadsides and in open ground.

Flower length c 1.2-1.8 cm

ID: Needs to be distinguished from the garden escape Spanish Bluebell (H hispanica) which has larger paler flowers with less strongly recurved lobe-tips, on more upright spikes having flowers all the way round, not on one side only.  The two species hybridise, but true native bluebells look like those shown here.

Other features: Often carpets the ground.  Plants with white flowers are quite frequent.


Endymion non-scriptus

Photo Carl Farmer
8 Mar 2004 Portree, Skye

Shoot c 5.2 cm across widest diameter

Above: young spring shoot
Right: Buds are upright at first but
droop when flowers open

  Endymion non-scriptus

Photo Carl Farmer
16 Apr 2004 Portree, Skye
Height of infloresence c 5.5 cm

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