West Highland Flora

Crow Garlic

Allium vineale

Other name: Wild Onion

Allium vineale

Photo David Fenwick
Wild Flowers of the Plymouth Area
1 Jul 2004 Plymouth

Rare in Argyll and extremely rare further north.  In dry coastal grassland or rock crevices.

Flowerhead diameter c 12-20 mm.  Leaves c 2 mm wide.

ID: Flowerhead consists of mostly (or all) bulbils; flowers few or none.

Other features: Smells of garlic.  Leaves and stems tubular.  Bulbils pink-purple.  Flowers, if present, pinkish, on stalks c 10-20 mm long.  Picture on left shows bulbils putting out new shoots while still on the plant.  Flowerhead when young enclosed by broad papery bract with long tapering point.


Allium vineale

Photo Dr Stephen Bungard
26 May 2004 Brochel, Raasay

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