West Highland Flora

Heath Rush

Juncus squarrosus


Photo Carl Farmer
3 Aug 2002 Portree, Skye

Very common on acid moorland

Stems c 15-45 mm tall.  Tepals c 4-6 mm long.

ID: Leaves numerous in a basal rosette (rarely the odd one on the stem), < 2mm wide, deeply grooved, only half length of stem.  Fruit capsule c 5 mm long, larger than in most rushes.

Other features: Flowerheads arise in the angle of broad-based papery brown bracts which are much shorter than the inflorescence.  This is a very distinctive rush, unmistakable once known, with notably large fruit-capsules for its size, the pale edges to the tepals giving a stripey effect.


Juncus squarrosus

Photo Carl Farmer
30 Sep 2003 Scorrybreac, Skye
Rush moth egg case in top R c 6.5 mm long

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