West Highland Flora

Soft Rush

Juncus effusus


Photo Carl Farmer
3 Aug 2002 Portree, Skye

Very common on moorland, grassland and damp croftland, sometimes forming extensive stands.  Also at edges of lochs.

Stem c 30-90 cm high, c 2-2.5 mm wide.  Tepals c 2-2.5 mm long

ID: Bract of flowerhead looks like continuation of stem, so that flowerhead appears to be emerging from side of stem.  Stem feels smooth, without ridges, though faint lines can be seen.  If ridges present then it's Compact Rush

Other features: Flowerhead varies from loose (var effusus) to dense (var subglomeratus).  There is a third variety (var spiralis) which has tight heads and curly stems spreading out in all directions.  The first two varieties are very common in the area, but the third is rare.


Juncus effusus

Photo Carl Farmer
22 Sep 2001 Storr, Skye

An exceptionally loose flowerhead

  Coleophora alticolella or C glaucicolella larval cases on Juncus effusus

Photo Carl Farmer
25 Aug 2004 Flashader, Skye
Inflorescence c 2.1 cm across at widest

A tight flowerhead with larval cases
of the Rush Moth, Coleophora alticolella

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