West Highland Flora

Barren Brome

Anisantha sterilis

Former name: Bromus sterilis

Anisantha sterilis

Photo Carl Farmer
7 Jun 2002 Berwick-upon-Tweed

A very poor pic of the grass caught on a fence on a dull windy evening!

Rare, on dry waste or cultivated ground or walls.

Stems to c 100 cm tall.  Lemma c 15-20 mm long plus awn c 20-35 mm long.

ID: Similar to Hairy Brome, but with panicle branches unbranched.  Spikelets, each with c 5-10 long-awned florets, drooping on the ends of stalks much longer than themselves, giving a very loose and open effect.

Other features: Annual.  A rather floppy plant.  Stems hairless, unlike those of Hairy Brome.

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