West Highland Flora

Two-rowed Watercress

Nasturtium officinale


Nasturtium officinale

Photo Carl Farmer
31 Aug 2002 Portree, Skye

Fairly frequent in ditches and wet ground

Flower diameter c 5-7 mm.  Ripe pods c 11-19 mm x 1.9-2.7 mm on stalks 7-12 mm (Stace)

ID: Use pod measurements above (ripe pods only, average several).  Alternatively, split open pods.  Seeds are in two non-overlapping rows in each cell of pod, i.e. four rows altogether.  One-rowed Watercress has two rows altogether.  Watercresses are told from other crucifers with fully pinnate leaves, white flowers and linear pods by complete absence of hairs on leaves or stems.

Other features: Leaves pinnate with typically 5 or 7 leaflets.  Leaves often remain green in autumn and winter, but sometimes turn purple like One-rowed W.  Once known the thicker and shorter appearance of the pods in Two-rowed makes it easy to recognise without splitting the pods open to count the rows.

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