West Highland Flora

Lesser Periwinkle

Vinca minor


Vinca minor

Photo David Fenwick
Wild Flowers of the Plymouth Area
20 Aug 2004 Plymouth

An introduced shrub occasionally found carpeting the ground in woods or abandoned gardens.

Flower diameter c 25-30 mm

ID: Asymmetrical shape of petals unique, apart from V difformis and V major, which have similar flowers and are sometimes grown in gardens and may escape.  V difformis has larger (30-45 mm across) paler flowers with more obliquely cut petals, so appearing more asymmetrical.  V major has the leaf-margins minutely hairy, the other two do not.

Other features: Leaves evergreen, looking rather like Privet.  Flower colour sometimes paler and/or mauver than in pic on left.  Non-flowering stems root at tips.

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